I just found one ANSI escape that is different in ANSI art and in Linux Terminal.


The problem is this ANSI Art https://16colo.rs/pack/blocktronics-b-sides/om%20-%20bjork%20-%20debut.ans

this is rendered as while in PabloDraw but it's blinking in Linux Terminal (part of the face), because 5 according to Wikipedia is "Rapid Blink" but it's also in MS-Dos it seems. But 47;30 is black background and gray color (color is named as white but it's gray in Wikipedia and Linux Terminal).

Anybody know why it should render as white? Is this some kind of exception? Is this documented somewhere? Are there any other things like this that should work differently than on Linux Terminal?


This is a consequence of CGA’s implementation of blinking. On CGA, the fourth bit of the background colour controls either blinking or high intensity, depending on the setting of another hardware register. Thus with ANSI.SYS on MS-DOS, ESC[1m and ESC[5m could end up being interchangeable...

In my quick tests on DOS, ESC[1m doesn’t actually change anything, and ESC[5m is required to get high intensity background colours.


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