I am trying to identify with dmidecode whether my computer has DDR3 or DDR4 memory. But, when I run it, it does not provide any information that would let me identify the installed memory. For memory type it provides:

Type: Unknown

Why is the type of memory "unknown"? How can I make it show the type of memory?


Quoting David Schwartz:

The dmidecode program gives you the DMI information as reported by the BIOS. It is as accurate as the BIOS makes it. Inaccuracies are common.

You will have to find a different way to identify your RAM. The most reliable one is to look at the hardware itself.

Other options:

  • look for other clues in sudo dmidecode --type memory output, such as the part number, which you can further look up on the Internet;
  • look up your PC or laptop specification at the manufacturer's website or in a third party database;
  • look up your motherboard and check compatible RAM types;
  • boot into your BIOS to check if it provides such information.

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