I was able to set up a wifi hotspot using the following:

nmcli dev wifi hotspot ifname wlp8s0 ssid adam password "password"

But how do I encrypt the password and select the cipher that is used?

Looking at the file


It is almost identical to the one corresponding to the wifi connection provided by my ISP, but when I connect to the hotspot with another computer, it says that it is unencrypted.

Also, I am unable to connect to the hot spot with any of my android devices.

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Are you looking for way to utilize WPA/WPA2 encryption? While looking into this for you, I found the following article: https://medium.com/@anooppoommen/create-a-wifi-hotspot-on-linux-29349b9c582d

This article describes how to setup a simple configuration file that will allow you to utilize encryption with your hotspot.

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    Thanks it turns out that I just didn't have a sufficiently large password and it worked as soon as I gave it a larger one. Still unable to connect any android devices, but I think that might be because I haven't set up a DHCP service, and it can't assign anymore than one IP Commented Oct 2, 2020 at 11:09

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