I have a Linux VM that became unresponsive in console. I knew it because ssh hangs and ping says no route to host.

I am not asking for the specific reason but what could have possibly caused this out of the various things it could be. Kdump is configured but it didn’t trigger (no GUI). Logging completely stopped during a certain time so /var/log/* does not give much information. Sar says memory and swap usage is high before logging stopped but it is a consistent usage of 90%+/40%+ for consecutive days. So I am doubting if its the cause. OOM killer didn’t trigger I believe because there is still swap space available.

Linux VM running in VMware with guest OS of SLES 15 SP1.

  • The question title is misleading if you are asking how to figure out why the VM became unresponsive as the original title implies you are trying to figure out an ssh problem. Furthermore, there is no mention made of details regarding version or flavor of VM host, version of the linux operating system, etc. Please augment the detail in this question to better facilitate getting an answer. – kbulgrien Sep 25 '20 at 20:33
  • @kbulgrien I have made some modifications. Thank you for the inputs. – Ykaly Sep 25 '20 at 20:44
  • I'd still add version of VMware. Also, did you try a login at the VM console vs. SSH? – kbulgrien Sep 25 '20 at 20:55
  • @kbulgrien I don’t see the need of VMware version for this. This is just weird in a way that most hung systems I encountered before are responding to ping and this one do not. Of course, I mention it also that it is unresponsive in console. So can’t really do anything other than reset the VM then look at what logs available. – Ykaly Sep 25 '20 at 21:01
  • Could be an OOM situation. Please try installing and enabling earlyoom and see if it helps. You might need to configure it because from the look of it you're running on the edge of available resources. That's not a good idea. – Artem S. Tashkinov Sep 25 '20 at 21:13

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