I have two towers, both running linux mint. My "new" tower has four screens, the old one has the capability to run two or three more.

I was wondering if it were possible to run an xserver on the new tower which somehow "extends" onto the old one, such that i could open a gedit window on the new one and drag it back and forth across all seven screens?

The "old" tower would basically just be a dumb machine whose only purpose is to provide a mother board, graphics card, and further screens to the "new" tower. Aka all actual processing would be performed by the new tower. The most that the old tower would be doing is processing the image so that it can be displayed to the screens.

The closest I've found is "synergy" type software KVM programs which allow you to control multiple Machines using a single mouse/keyboard. This is great, except that what i really want is for the screens of the client system to be totally handed over to the host system, to such an extent that the "dragging a window across all seven screens" would work.

So the host OS would have control over a single xsession, as well as all of the processing responsibility, but the underlying "image output processing" would be distributed between the two machines and their respective gpus.

I am convinced this is within the realm of possibility, but I've got a fairly confident hunch it's not "currently" do-able. Thought i would ask anyway to see how one might approach it

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