I have a connection from my debian computer to a device with debian linux on it.

If I type the reset command on the serial commandline the clocal will be set to -clocal.

I search the internet why, but I couldn't find out why. The problem is that some commands, like sudo -i hang if -clocal is set but working if clocal is set.

Is there a reason, why reset is setting -clocal?

I tried this with picocom, screen, TeraTerm and putty.


Because that's what reset does. Its manual tells you that it "sets the terminal modes to 'sane' values". Sanity in this case involves turning off CLOCAL.

  • thx, is there a similar command which does the 'reset' part, but without the 'CLOCAL'?
    – svanschu
    Sep 29 '20 at 8:01

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