I am trying to build a kernel module for a commercial gadget which runs Linux 4.9.x. The kernel module that I build crashes the kernel. I believe this is because of wrong kernel configurations. I have tried different kernel configurations to no avail.

Regular ways of getting kernel configs (/boot/config.gz, requesting manufacturer for GPL code etc) do not work in this case. Also, the kernel is not built with CONFIG_IKCONFIG.

From this thread - What are methods for recovering a Linux Kernel config? - it looks like there is a way to recover kernel configs from /proc/kallsyms.

Can anybody shed light on this? How do kallsyms lead me to kernel configs? What kind of scripting do I need to use?

  • Have you tried modprobe configs? Commented Sep 24, 2020 at 2:52

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The kernel config is not the only thing which is required to compile additional modules.

You also need to know:

  • Whether and how it was patched.
  • What compiler was used to build it. If you're using a different compiler, ABI might change which will lead to your exact issue.

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