There is no subtitle meta tag for pdf in exiftool. Therefore I want to add new exif tag for pdf files, it's name must be PdfSubTitle. To do this, exiftool has a guide page. But I don't understand because my knowledge of perl and exif not enough. Also there is no example for pdf files in the guide. How can I do that?

When everything goes right it should be like:

$ exiftool -config exif.config -PdfSubTitle="Sub Title" file.pdf

First you need to define your XMP tag (a complete example here)

$ cat config.cfg
%Image::ExifTool::UserDefined = (
  'Image::ExifTool::XMP::pdfx' => {
     PdfSubTitle => {
         Writable => 'string',
1; # end

Then with following command the tag and it's value will be added:

exiftool -config config.cfg -PdfSubTitle="Sub Title" test.pdf


$ exiftool -PdfSubTitle test.pdf
  Pdf Sub Title                   : Sub Title
$ exiftool exiftool test.pdf | grep 'Pdf Sub Title'
  Pdf Sub Title                   : Sub Title
  • Thanks! This is so helpful for me. – rojen Sep 28 '20 at 16:23

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