I am wondering if there is option to use pacman to query for available package versions.

If I want to install a specific version of a package I can do this by

pacman -S "bash>=3.2"

However, this requires that I already know what package versions are available. I would like to have something like this:

pacman -Q(?) bash

returning something like this:

> bash=3.2
> bash=3.1
> bash=3.0
> bash=2.0

If there isn't an option via pacman, is this information available somewhere else?


Arch Linux is rolling-relase, mean it's only provide the latest, so you can't specify which version you want to download. However you can search and download the package manually from Arch Linux Archive at https://archive.archlinux.org/ then install manually

pacman -U package-name-0.0.0.tar.xz

Note that this method will not handle version conflicts, you need to change the version of dependencies by yourself.

Downgrade is a tool to downgrade (or select version you say it) one or multiple packages. You can also query available package version on your cache and Arch Linux Archive

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