Ubuntu 18.04 has default configurations of packages for logrotate in /etc/logrotate.d

For example with nginx installed I have a file /etc/logrotate.d/nginx

/var/log/nginx/*.log {
        rotate 14

Where can I modify these settings? Should I just edit the file?

Since I guess this file came with the nginx package I don't want it to overwrite my settings or complain when nginx is updated.


Yes, you should control logrotate by editing files in /etc/logrotate.conf.d. First, read man logrotate logrotate.conf.

Some packages take special care to preserve user configuration changes, as explained in their man pages. logrotate is not such a package.

The packaging system has been known to warn that it's about to replace a user-modified configuration file and offer choices (Replace the file, Do not replace the file, Diff the old and new files, Open a shell), but this might depend on the packager marking the file as "configuration".

A System Administration way of maintaining your modified configuration files is to store the modified files in your own, similarly structured directory structure, e.g. $HOME/.userconfig/etc/logrotate.d/nginx.conf, and write a simple script to copy the files from $HOME/.userconfig/ to the system. Run this script after you update the packages.

Beware! If the package changelog says "We changed/improved the configuration file format", stuff may break.

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