This is fairly trivial question, but I’m curious about how this works.

I just wanted to change an icon used by a Chromium App created from a web address. The .desktop file refers to an icon with a name made from the app id…

Exec=/usr/bin/chromium --profile-directory=Default --app-id=ocdlmjhbenodhlknglojajgokahchlkk

…but there is no icon with this name that I can find in $HOME/.icons (just a link to…), $HOME/.local/share/icons, /usr/local/share/icons, /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps.

I did eventually find them in dedicated app folders under $HOME/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions but they don’t have the names referenced in the .desktop file (e.g. 32.png, 64.png) so how does the system find them?


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