Here's an example of syslogs that I'm working on. I'm trying to extract the account_id and version_apk fields from the syslogs:

Sep 16 06:59:16 as09 janus-server[as09][21840]: INFO: janus.application.application: 120:  audha6xnTESMSvpgr5n31Q== R: /rpc/v1/authentication/login({'api_key': 'f6ZO7j11myA8PA3M', 'encoded': True, 'password': 'ZGV2YTEyMzQ=\n', 'login_context': {'channel': 'CR_TN_2017', 'current_location': 'Anthiyur - Vellithiruppur Rd, Vellithiruppur, Tamil Nadu 638314, India', 'device_id': 'abbbecfc99323739', 'geolocation_status_flag': 'None', 'ip_address': '', 'latitude': '11.6164226', 'long_session': False, 'longitude': '77.6226461', 'mac_address': 'None', 'platform': 'mobile_native_apk', 'postal_code': '638314', 'user_agent': 'Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 10; Redmi 8 MIUI/V11.0.1.0.QCNINXM)', 'version_apk': '2.3.7'}, 'username': '8903170787'}) => result({'session_id': 'bdd6d9c2469c43e2a0f28542485a7c5d', 'account_id': 2417963, 'username': 'esumk', 'site_code': 'FNIRNCZ', 'destroyed_other_sessions': True, 'forbidden': False, 'previous_login_time': 1600190099, 'device_type': 'mobile_native_apk', 'mac_address': 'None', 'ip_address': '', 'current_location_latitude': '11.6164226', 'current_location_longitude': '77.6226461', '_caller_api_key': 'f6ZO7j11myA8PA3M', '_api_key': 'benga4eavoh1Ahn2', '_event': 'login', 'show_kyc_popup': False, 'kyc_bonus_popup_message': None, 'kyc_bonus_amount': {'Bonus_INR': 0}, 'front_key': 'paid_android_app', 'camp': {'eligible_status': False}, 'ask_geolocation': False})

I tried using:

grep 'login_context' | grep  "'platform': 'mobile_native_apk'" | grep "R."| grep "result" | grep -Po '(?<=version_apk.:)[^,}]+'

and the same for account_id as well but somehow the count of both differs.

I also tried using awk, but from the examples I saw the variables can be called out using $1, $2 or $35 (only with positions but not names).

The output i desire looks like this:

2.3.7   2417963

Which are nothing but version_apk and account_id for every syslog

Any better approach that I can prefer?


Something like this with sed might help:

$ sed "s/^.*version_apk': '\([^']*\).*account_id': \([^,]*\).*$/\1 \2/" syslog
2.3.7 2417963

For each line this

  • starts at the beginning of the line (^)
  • matches 0 or more of any character (.*) until it gets to version_apk: '
  • defines a group (\(...\)). That group matches 0 or more characters that are not a single quote (the single quote that would end the version_apk value; [^']*).
  • matches 0 or more of any character again (.*) until it gets to account_id:
  • defines another group. That group matches 0 or more characters that are not a comma (the comma after the account_id; [^,]*)
  • matches 0 or more characters all the way to the end of the line (.*$)
  • Replaces that entire match with the content of the first group, a space, and the content of the second group (\1 \2)

This assume that version_apk will always come before account_id.

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WIith GNU awk for the 3rd arg to match() and gensub():

$ cat tst.awk
/'login_context'/ && /'platform': 'mobile_native_apk'/ && /R./ && /result/ {
    delete f
    while ( match($0,/'([^']+)': ('[^']+'|[0-9]+)/,a) ) {
        f[a[1]] = gensub(/'/,"","g",a[2])
        $0 = substr($0,RSTART+RLENGTH)
    print f["version_apk"], f["account_id"]

$ awk -f tst.awk file
2.3.7 2417963
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