I run debian with full encryption and wonder why I would also need a password protection for the bootloader...

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    What threat models are you interested in addressing? – Stephen Kitt Sep 17 at 13:40
  • If someine gets hold of my laptop, I want to make sure he cannot access data on my HDD. Encryption should be enough I assume – Debiannewb01 Sep 18 at 7:31

If the attacker has had full physical access to your device, your password protection is void and null because the attacker could:

  • plant a hardware backdoor
  • change your initrd in ways which allow to compromise your boot process and the installed OS

The GRUB password might protect from inexperienced hackers but not from sophisticated ones. I personally use full disk encryption and I didn't set the GRUB password.

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  • thank you, I was thinking the same – Debiannewb01 Sep 18 at 7:31
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    I agree, and have the same sort of setup ;-). For more on this, look up evil maid attacks. – Stephen Kitt Sep 18 at 7:35

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