I'm running Centos7 on a google cloud VM. I've installed man but can get man pages only for section 1 of the manual. Even as root, I can only get man pages for section 1. For example with the section 2 nanosleep system call I get

[root@rg32-8 c_tests]# man 2 nanosleep
No manual entry for nanosleep in section 2

I also have a bare metal machine running Centos7, where I can get man pages for all sections.

What do I need to do on the google cloud machine to get man pages for all sections?


On CentOS the manpages are separate from the man command.

On CentOS7 the command

yum install man-db

will install the man software and the few man pages related to it (e.g. manpath.1, whatis.1). Other packages may have also installed their own manpages.

However the traditional core set of manpages are in a different package; man-pages. The command

yum install man-pages

will install the stuff you're looking for (including 440 section 2, 2600 section 3 pages).

If you're not sure what package supplies a file you can ask yum. eg to find chown(2) manpage:

% sudo yum whatprovides '*/chown.2*'

This includes (amongst others)

man-pages-3.53-5.el7.noarch : Man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation
                            : Project
Repo        : @base
Matched from:
Filename    : /usr/share/man/man2/chown.2.gz

(it'll also show packages for other languages such as French or Russian).

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