uWSGI manual on static files serving states that:

You can specify multiple --static-map options, even for the same mountpoint.

--static-map /images=/var/www/img --static-map /images=/var/www/img2 --static-map /images=/var/www/img3

The file will be searched in each directory until it’s found, or if it’s not, the request will be managed by your app.

I'm looking for a way to pass multiple options through env var like this:


but, of course, var values will be overwritten, so there must be some syntax for one-shot declaration (or not).

Documentation about configuring uWSGI via env vars is rather scarce and most information I found is in this tutorial on caktusgroup.com, which states that "uWSGI is almost entirely configurable through environment variables".

Any help/hint appreciated.

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OK, I've finally found in the documentation the one sentence I was looking for:

Several values for the same configuration variable are not supported with this method.

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