Due to using Linux Mint Cinnamon 20, Wicd isn't available.  It was available in earlier versions of Linux Mint.

I've tried to type in terminal:

sudo apt-get install wicd
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Nothing is indicating that wicd is in the system. So I went to wicd official website. I followed the instructions to the best of my abilities, with no results.

Also downloaded package from pkgs.org. Install package button is grayed out

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: wicd-daemon (=1.7.4+tb2-5)

This is likely because I'm using Linux 20.

I've been stuck for 4 days.  How can I get past this?


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wicd was removed from Debian unstable on 22 August 2020. If we look at the release-critical bugs of wicd, we see three big ones:

  • #956159 Package depends on python-glade2, python-gtk2, which are no longer in sid
  • #946380 wicd-gtk does not find gtk modules
  • #885140 wicd: Depends on unmaintained pygtk

Debian has been in the process of removing python2 and all packages which depend on it. That includes things like python-glade2. Often we'd be able to switch the dependency to python3-glade2, but in the case of glade and gtk, there are no python3 versions and there will never be. Instead gnome has replaced this library with gobject-introspection. That means things which were written for glade need to be rewritten or ported.

wicd's latest version (1.7.4) was uploaded to Debian in 2016 and has only been patched by the maintainer since then. If I look at the upstream repository linked in the Debian copyright file, I see that the original author hasn't touched the package since 2012.

I recommend finding an alternative package instead of holding your breath for it to be modernized.

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