Based on https://superuser.com/questions/1583159/secure-connection-failed-to-old-printer-with-https I was thinking:

Can socat (or similar) be used to connect to the printer with an old https version and set up a local http port that I can point the browser to?

Something like:

socat TCP4-LISTEN:8000 ssl:myprinter:443

When I now point my browser to localhost:8000 socat says:

2020/09/06 11:31:50 socat[1903771] E SSL_connect(): error:1425F102:SSL routines:ssl_choose_client_version:unsupported protocol

This sounds as if socat cannot speak the SSL dialect that my printer does.

Is there something else I can do?

  • And does openssl s_client -connect myprinter:443 work? Apr 9 at 8:12

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It's very possible that your socat (or the SSL library version it links against) do not support SSL2/SSL3 and that's the best the printer can do. In theory, you can set up a VM with a sufficiently rusty distro, say CentOS5, and build a static socat there, i.e. it will have all libraries baked in. You can then copy that socat binary and hopefully use it on a more modern machine. (configure --help for socat might have a switch to build statically.)

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