I need to create a partition that is compatible with Windows 10 (preferably using NTFS) on a disk using a GPT partition table. Which partition type should I pick?

On non-GPT (DOS I think), using fdisk, I can pick the partition with ID 7, but on GPT I am uncertain which I should use from 10–13 and 16 (or something else entirely).

Note: I am using fdisk v2.36.

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    I recommend avoiding fdisk on this one. Please try gdisk, it will pay out. Sep 6, 2020 at 5:18

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You have the fdisk code in another answer. But note that you don't have to use fdisk. There are other partitioning tools, and one in particular might be useful here.

On Rod Smith's gdisk the Microsoft Basic Data partition type is shorthand code 0700 in the tool. gdisk shorthand codes are in hexadecimal, and are 16-bit integers rather than the underlying (128-bit) GUIDs used in the actual EFI partition table (which the tool maps the shorthands to, internally).

gdisk uses the convention of the old 8-bit MBR-style partition type multiplied by 0x0100 for its shorthand codes and is possibly easier to get to grips with in this respect with if one is coming from the MBR-style partition codes and DOS+Windows tools, as you apparently are.

One can list the shorthands interactively within gdisk with its l command, or by running the sgdisk --list-types command. sgdisk is the non-interactive tool.

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