I've been using Debian Stretch with KDE Plasma for years. Now I upgraded to Buster, with KDE Plasma 5.14.5.

When I want to save a file, e.g. a download, the kdialog window no longer shows previous save locations, except the very last one and other fixed locations (root, home and Desktop paths).

the location bar doesn't keep more than one previous location

I can see in several config files, like $HOME/.kde/share/config/okularrc:

[KFileDialog Settings]

Recent URLs[$e]=/incredible/,$HOME/cit/tesis/,/tmp/,$HOME/Documentos/,/hulk/coro

And also in kdialogrc and kdeglobals.

However for some reason, when I open the dialog in Okular, the recent URLs listed in those configuration files are not present.

In addition, in okularrc for instance, there is another section:

[Recent Dirs]

which neither seems to be used. It doesn't have any effect on the dialog.

This was very useful, any idea where can I configure, or what should I do to have this feature back?


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