root@host [/]# parted
-bash: parted: command not found

I am using CentOS. Looks like I simply have to yum it first or something. How would I do so?


If you have a internet connected to you server, it is very easy:

# yum -y install parted

when you get this kind of message you can easily find out what packages provides the command using yum:

yum whatprovides "file"
yum install "package"

when you run the install and it complains already installed package you can also perform:

rpm -ql "package" |grep file$
repoquery -l "package" |grep file$

To know what is the path were it is installed. We can always assume that PATH might not include the file. I'm adding the $ at the end of the grep so that it finds everything that ends as file otherwise you will get fileabc instead of file.

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