With normal syslog I can go to /var/log and run tail -F *log if I am not sure which log something is logged in.

Is there an equivalent for systemd?


I am trying to debug a server. It crashes without leaving a trace. I am hoping that using the systemd version of tail -f *log that I can see log messages that are logged (but not yet written to disk) when the server crashes.

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What you want to use is the journalctl command. For example, if I want to get updated log entries on the service vmware, I would run this (f = follow, u = unit/service name):

journalctl -f -u vmware.service

Here's how you can get the full system journal. I use this command for my updated system logs (f = follow, x = Add message explanations where available, b = since boot):

journalctl -fxb --no-hostname --no-full

If you are just looking to simply follow logs then this should do the trick

journalctl -lf

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