In iptables it was possible to use eth+ as interface name to match any interface starting with eth (or as a more practical example this also worked to match virbr+ and veth+, i.e. the + seemed to have the effect of a * in shell globs).

Does nftables offer a similar facility to match interface names? How do I use it?


Yes the usual wildcard character * is nft's equivalent of iptables' +. The man page was not documenting this (relatively old) feature until recently.

From a recent enough nft man page:

Like with iptables, wildcard matching on interface name prefixes is available for iifname and oifname matches by appending an asterisk (*) character. Note however that unlike iptables, nftables does not accept interface names consisting of the wildcard character only - users are supposed to just skip those always matching expressions. In order to match on literal asterisk character, one may escape it using backslash (\).


iifname "veth*" accept

Also, it doesn't appear possible today to use a set of interfaces (type ifname or typeof iifname) with a wildcard in an element.

A completely different method to manage interfaces dynamically appearing and disappearing, would be to tag them with a group just after they are created (and probably before they are brought up) and have nftables rules matching an interface's group. eg:

ip link set ppp7 group 42

while having an nftables rule reusing this meta information:

iifgroup 42 jump from-ppp
  • Thanks so much. Yes, sets were my plan B in case there was no wildcard option. – 0xC0000022L Aug 29 '20 at 19:20

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