I see there are two ways to create quotas, there is xfs_quota and then this suite of utilities like edquota and repquota. It seems all of these utilities can provide inode quotas. How does that tools relate to each other?


The XFS User Guide mentions that the generic quota tools work with XFS, but are unable to set project quotas on XFS.

8.11. Generic Quota Tools:

In addition to xfs_quota, xfs also works with generic quota tools provided on Linux. These tools include quota, repquota, quotactl, edquota, quotacheck, setquota, quotaon/quotaoff (enforcement only), quotawarn.

The generic tools do not understand XFS project quotas.

The RHEL 7 storage documentation pretty much states the same thing:

Generic quota configuration tools (quota, repquota, and edquota for example) may also be used to manipulate XFS quotas. However, these tools cannot be used with XFS project quotas.

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