Backstory: I'm trying to recover a TrueCrypt installation. I've got the TrueCrypt recovery iso - and I'm trying to add that as a GRUB entry (I can still boot into Ubuntu on that same device) or run the TrueCrypt recovery iso from a USB stick.

I have an iso file which I would like to boot from - so I've tried a couple things: http://jmesmon.github.com/2012/01/26/TCRD.html - which suggests using memdisk{find} - but when I run the linux16 command in the grub CLI - I got a complaint about an incorrect magic value (so it's an apparently an unexpected input).

How to boot from iso with Grub2/Burg boot loader - which uses a loopback - which I pointed to my .iso file - but the auto-complete doesn't show anything in the loop once it is made. (This may be terribly incorrect - not sure)

So I'm basically looking for grub commands to load a given iso.

Any thoughts?



Figured it out!

So the link http://jmesmon.github.com/2012/01/26/TCRD.html here was right, with a couple modifications since I was not booting off a USB but rather had control of the disks GRUB. So the entry became: menuentry "Truecrypt Rescue" { linux16 /boot/memdisk iso initrd16 /boot/TCRD.iso }

In my case the boot directory was in a separate partition, so it became: menuentry "Truecrypt Rescue" { linux16 /memdisk iso initrd16 /TCRD.iso }

I also realized that memdiskfind is not memdisk, so I had to find memdisk. The syslinux package built into Ubuntu appears not to have it, so I downloaded syslinux from online (here: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux/).

I then ran 'make' from the memdisk folder (and if the command failed, installed programs needed) - this generated a memdisk file, which I copied into my boot folder - and voila!

Note: linux may work instead of linux16, and initrd instead of initrd16.

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