I have installed Packet Tracer 7.2.2(.exe file) using wine and have uninstalled it using the same uninstall.exe file provided. When uninstalled all the files of packet tracer are removed except the icon in the image. Initially i wasn't worried about it but now when i want to install packet tracer i used PacketTracer 7.3.1 (.deb file) using normal linux installation procedure, it is installed but when i am running


in the terminal the app associated with this icon is running(which only icon is present). I have tried uninstalling the packet tracer(with apt purge packettracer) and ranlocate packettracer command and removed all the files associated with the packet tracer, but still the icon is not removed. I tried for searching for packet tracer in all the locations mentioned in this link

ps:After removing all the packet tracer 7.2.2(which was installed using wine) files i have installed the PacketTracer7.3.1.deb package but when i run packettracer in terminal, i am getting the image_2image_2 output but the app was not running. And when i see the menu after installation it is image_3image_3.

image_1image_1: image before insatalling packetTracer7.3.1.

1.Is there any way to remove packet tracer completely(so that i can re-install the packet tracer debian package).


Try this :

sudo apt-get autoremove  packettracer
sudo apt-get remove packettracer
sudo apt-get clean

If they won’t work please send the output of these commands

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  • Thanks for the answer.I have tried all these methods before itself, but none of them are working. And after posting this question i have spent some time searching online, where in some website they referred it as a problem with the menu cache updation. So i have uninstalled my menu and reinstalled it and it worked. And please try to post commands using the code so that it can help beginners understand that it is the thing to be entered in terminal.(i have edited for this answer but make sure you do it yourself next time). – Rakesh Nara 10 Aug 18 at 21:23
  • Ok nice , I will do it next time 😀 – YourHelper Aug 19 at 5:54

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