I'm trying to create a bootable ISO using xorriso, but I get this error:

xorriso : FAILURE : Cannot find in ISO image: -boot_image ... bin_path='<path to isolinux.bin that I specified>'

It's not just me who gas gotten this error. The message doesn't make sense either because I never used -boot_image and xorriso should not be looking for isolinux.bin in any ISO.

The path to isolinux.bin that I gave is the root directory of an already-unpacked ISO that I'm modifying.


The message you get means that you gave a boot option mentioning isolinux.bin as the boot image, but that the path to isolinux.bin is not in the list of files which shall show up in the emerging ISO image.

-boot_image is the xorriso command which controls many boot related properties. If you did not use it then I guess you used the mkisofs emulation, where this was probably option -b (alias -eltorito-boot) which expects the path inside the ISO, not in the filesystem from where your files come.

So make sure to give with -b the path of isolinux.bin in the ISO. In many ISOs, you will find it in /boot/isolinux or in /isolinux. So if you just pack up a mounted ISO again, you will possibly have success with

  -b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin


  -b isolinux/isolinux.bin

(The lack of trailing slash makes these paths compatible with mkisofs which expects a relative path in the working directory of the source filesystem. I.e. with mkisofs -b would work only if your pwd is the ISO's root.)

I could give clearer advise if you tell me the URL of the ISO which you try to use as input and the xorrisofs options which you used.

  • It's the CD/DVD image for the Ubuntu 20.04.1 AMD64 desktop installer. The commands I'm using can be found on the Ubuntu help wiki page InstallCDCustomization under the heading AMD64 with isohybrid and UEFI.
    – Melab
    Sep 21 '20 at 2:32

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