I'm running BSPWM as my tiling window manager, and SXHKD as my mapping tool.
And i want to kill the current window when i click a combination of:

button1 + button1 + button3 (double left click + right click).

I tried adding this to my sxhkd config:

button1 + button1 + button3

but it doesn't seem to work.
I wonder if there is another solution, using other tools may be.


You are trying to do chords, they are separated by semicolons like this:

button1; button1; button2

from the sxhkd man page:

When multiple chords are separated by semicolons, the hotkey is a chord chain: the command will only be executed after receiving each chord of the chain in consecutive order.

The colon character can be used instead of the semicolon to indicate that the chord chain shall not be aborted when the chain tail is reached.

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