I am using the following tmux keybindings to zoom using the mouse wheels.

# Ctrl Scroll to Zoom
bind-key -T root C-WheelUpPane { 
       run-shell "xdotool key Ctrl+plus"

bind-key -T root C-WheelDownPane { 
       run-shell "xdotool key Ctrl+minus"

bind-key -T root C-MouseDown2Pane { 
       run-shell "xdotool key Ctrl+0"

However, I am having a little issue with Ctrl situated on the left hand side. It works properly with the right hand side Ctrl. However, the left Ctrl is acting as if I am letting go of the control key. And instead of zooming, it is suddenly entering tmux copy-mode.

What might be the issue?


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This issue does not occur in macbook.

At this moment it appears to be a bug in muffin WM.

The diagnosis details is in https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/2345

The issue is reported in https://github.com/linuxmint/muffin/issues/569

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