When I try to open VeraCrypt I get this error: VeraCrypt is already running.. How can I open the running instance?

  • it really depends on your own definition of "Open the running instance" ; looking at logs ? check what file it has openned ? etc...etc.... ; depending on the code of VeraCrypt it can need to be launched with spécific parameters to be able to access instance ... Give more details please or buy a crystal ball :) – francois P Aug 10 '20 at 18:58
  • VeraCrypt is a GUI. With opening the running instance I was referring to showing the GUI so that I can use the program. – mYnDstrEAm Aug 10 '20 at 20:47
  • so you have to either run it from a window manager either with an export DISPLAY corresponding to a window manager & use swith to the concerned window manager to see it. – francois P Aug 11 '20 at 8:14
  • DISPLAY=:0 veracrypt shows the same error in a message window and the error QXcbClipboard::setMimeData: Cannot set X11 selection owner in the console. Is that what you mean? I'm using KWin. – mYnDstrEAm Aug 12 '20 at 21:01

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