Sometimes I encounter a process that should have been killed, but instead has been using 100% of the cpu for a while (more than a minute).

I'd like some way to notify myself if this situation occurs. What are my options, and how can I achieve this?

Would I have to write some daemon that periodically watches the cpu % of each process? Or is there some way to determine 'cumulative' cpu time for a process in some time period (for example 1 minute).

Please disregard "how" I intend to be notified - this is irrelevant.

The alternative is needing a human like myself to stare at htop for a while.


System resource tests in monit come to mind. This can be configured very individually depending on your use-case:

Monit - utility for monitoring services on a Unix system

Keep in mind that it may not be shipped with some enterprise distributions (SLES e.g.).

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