I am trying to use bind-key -T root C-: command-prompt, but it is not working.

However, bind-key -T root M-: command-prompt works.

How can I use Ctrl+:, in other words Ctrl+Shift+; as a keybinding in tmux?


The Shift key is not included as a default prefix key in tmux (see here).

However, there is a function called user-keys. With this setting, you can define a custom escape sequence and bind that in tmux.

To test an escape sequence in Bash (as default), press Ctrl + V followed by the key sequence you want to test - it will then print the escape sequence.

However, for my terminal I get no valid escape sequence for Ctrl + :, which may also be the case for you.

But as an example let's take Alt + Home on my keyboard, which produces the escape sequence ^[[1;3H (or \e[1;3H in tmux).

This could then be bound in tmux using:

set -s user-keys[0] "\e[1;3H"
bind -T root User0 command-prompt

I realize the above is only partly an answer, but however outlines an alternative method which can be used, if you can generate an escape sequence from a key combination.

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