Just like you could jump between pairs, i.e (), can I extend this feature to jump between beginning tags and ending tags?

i.e in bash, jump between if and fi

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    On my system it does exactly that. I assume the matchit plugin is responsible for that. Usually it's installed by default with every larger vim installation. It is deactivated, though. – Marco Jan 4 '13 at 10:27
  • @Marco Hi, you're right, % does not work for shell scripts unless you have the matchit pluggin installed. Can you convert your comment to an answer and give the url to the matchit pluggin ? – SebMa Sep 10 '17 at 15:44

Here is an example. Suppose you have this code and you press %, the cursor jumps between { and } parens:

enter image description here

matchit.vim extends this functionality, you can do the same with () just move cursor on ( and press %, it jumps between pairs of parenthesis ( )'s, { }'s, [ ]'s. It also jumps between opening and closing tags of C style comments /* and */. And it's smart enough to jump between C preprocessor directives - from #if to #endif and match #elif or #else in between

For more info refer to catonmat.net and vim.org. Note that since vim 6.0, matchit.vim has been included in the standard vim distribution, under the macros/ directory.

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