I am using Linux Mint 14 (MATE) with Cinnamon installed. Cinnamon failed when I tried to delete an item on the menu with menu editor. The system froze, so I logged out by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

When I logged back in, the desktop panel was not loaded (shortcuts were there as normal, and right-click works as well). I can barely do anyting but get the terminal with Ctrl+Alt+t. But all the dialogue windows are presented without any frames.

Here are screenshots:

I tried reinstalling Cinnamon in the MATE desktop interface (it works fine), but it failed to solve the problem.

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It appears as if your window manager is not running. that is why you do see your window icons. you could run muffin from Cinnamon or Marco from Mate. That should allow you to move windows and perform normal window operations.


Run mateconf-editor and check that the windowmanager entry under /desktop/mate/session/required_components/ is set to marco.

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