I usually get this weird artifacts when the system comes back from a suspend state.


Top bar: fuzzy top bar

a Chromium window: fuzzy chromium window

I'm now running a fresh install of pop_os 20.04 with the nvidia driver version 440.100 on a GTX 1070 Max-Q. I switched from ubuntu 20.04 because of the alleged better graphics support.

It seems like there's an issue with the memory address read from the GPU...

Note: Here's a similar issue with Intel based graphics: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1231824/fuzzy-graphics-after-upgrading-to-ubuntu-20-04 . My issue only happens after a suspend, not a startup and I (think) am using the discrete GPU only.

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NVIDIA has a number of scripts you must add to your systemd suspend/resume (systemd-hibernate.service.requires and systemd-suspend.service.requires) in order to fix the issue. For more info, please read:


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