Please help for tmux version 3.0a How do I enter these settings? set -g prefix M-x bind M-x send-prefix I can not find the file named .tmux.conf

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tmux.conf doesn't exist by default; tmux has its own built-in configuration. You'll need to create the file yourself. If you want your setting to exist for all users, place your config in /etc/tmux.conf; for user-specific settings, create ~/.tmux.conf.

Per the tmux(1) manual page (under the -f option):

By default, tmux loads the system configuration file from /etc/tmux.conf, if present, then looks for a user configuration file at ~/.tmux.conf.

  • I still have trouble executing commands on my tmux Nothing happens when I run the default commands on my tmux, for example ctrl + b + % With these commands, I restored tmux to the default state set -g @plugin 'hallazzang/tmux-reset'
    – M UBU 2020
    Jul 29, 2020 at 18:44

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