How to view all currently logged in users on Alpine Linux? It doesn't have who by default apk add who doesn't find any packages. Is there another package for Alpine that contains who? Or does it use some other utility for the same purpose?

I tried to look at the docs but searches for "list users" and "logged in users" didn't seem to yield results

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The who program is part of the coreutils package. You can use apk add coreutils to install it:

# which who

# apk add coreutils
fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.11/main/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz
fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.11/community/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz
(1/3) Installing libacl (2.2.53-r0)
(2/3) Installing libattr (2.4.48-r0)
(3/3) Installing coreutils (8.31-r0)
Executing busybox-1.31.1-r8.trigger
OK: 7 MiB in 17 packages

# which who

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