By default in kde plasma, clicking ( number of finger irrelevant ) the touchpad converts to a left click. How can I convert a 2 finger click to a right click?

At the moment I've modified my touchpad settings (system-settings -> touchpad -> two finger tap -> right-click ) so that a 2 finger tap is a right click, and this works well. Deep clicking in the bottom right portion of the touchpad also works.

however this is not what I'm looking for.

What I'm looking for is a deep click (where you can hear the click on the touchpad) with 2 fingers to be converted to a right click, much like most macOS and windows handles it.

This isn't a driver issue, I'm moving from gnome to kde plasma and this functionality works out of the box.


I'm dumb. In the touchpad menu there is clearly an option for what I'm looking for...

system-settings -> touchpad -> right-click -> press anywhere with two fingers

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