Doing a lot of software development I frequently need to see many windows at the same time. Thus I'm frequently arranging windows by dragging them to the left/right edge of the screen to scale them to 50% of the screen width or to one of the corners to adjust their size to a quarter of the screen size.

With 30 inch+ 4K+ monitors getting better and more affordable I'm wondering if there is a way to snap windows to a smaller grid (e.g. 3x3 or even 4x4). On Windows tools like Dell Display Manager seem to offer the kind of flexibility I'm looking for. Is there anything that can help me accomplish this? I have checked the KDE Store for KWin Scripts but didn't find anything that would help me accomplish this.

I'm using KDE Plasma 5.18.5 on Ubuntu 20.04.

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UltawideWindows kwin script should do what you are looking for. It maps shortcuts ctrl+meta+numpad and meta+numpad and ctrl+numpad and alt+numpad to map different window positions and sizes.



Maybe Krohnkite?

But is uses dynamic tiling.

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