I'm trying to use xmonad along with termonad on NixOS being a newbie in all of those. xmonad gave me a headache at first because installing it and ghc/stack was not enough to compile the xmonad.hs file, xmonad --recompile gave me errors about not being able to resolve the simplest of imports. This was fixed with this set of options (I'm pretty sure I could dump some of the extraPackages, but for now I'm happy):

 windowManager.xmonad = {
      enable = true;
      enableContribAndExtras = true;
      extraPackages = haskellPackages: [

Now I'm back at square one with termonad, which has the same problem but none of the options available that saved the day with xmonad.
Is there any way to use it without building it from source myself? That is not what I came for when I installed NixOS and I'd really wonder if there was no other way.

  • Please be more specific about the problem. Does termonad with default configuration work or not? Is the problem that you are trying to use other Haskell packages in your config.hs but the compiler cannot find them? If so, are you specifying the packages you need in the packages attribute of the termonad package? Note that for some reason there's a pkgs.termonad and a haskellPackages.termonad, and it's the latter which allows adding packages. – Emmanuel Rosa Jul 27 '20 at 12:42

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