When output contains lots of lines, zenity --info --text doesn't make it scale-able, and zenity --text-info only accept output from a file.

What can I do now? Maybe other zenity like utility can help?


Not sure what you mean with:

and zenity --text-info only accept output from a file

Here is a command producing many lines of output:

ls -l /usr/bin | wc -l

You just pipe it to zenity:

ls -l /usr/bin | zenity --text-info --height=500 --width=400


zenity --text-info --height=500 --width=400 < <(ls -l /usr/bin)

The result is definitely a scalable message box:

enter image description here

  • works great for me! – MountainX Jun 20 '13 at 17:50

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