Rhythmbox on my Arch Linux shows my smartphone on the devices list, but it's unable to find any music on it. I installed mtp and mtpfs and also enabled the mtp plugin in Rhythmbox. I also added a .is_audio_player file with this content:


But no luck, the device is actually mounted fine and I'm able to browse through the files (using gphoto2) but if I try to play the files directly through the device they won't play either. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Try to use go-mtpfs or jmtpfs utility

sudo apt install go-mtpfs jmptfs mtp-tools

Plug in your smartphone and run this in terminal:

go-mtpfs ~/path-to-your-mount-point-folder


jmtpfs ~/path-to-your-mount-point-folder

It will mount your device in userspace via fuse. So you can access your smartphone's filesystem as local fylesystem at ~/path-to-your-mount-point-folder mount point.
There you'll find your music.

I found that go-mtpfs works faster.

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