Can systemd-resolved be used to browse for mdns services the same way like avahi-browse?

For example:

$ avahi-browse _smb._tcp
+   eno1 IPv6 PC1                                      Microsoft Windows Network local
+   eno1 IPv6 PC2                                      Microsoft Windows Network local
+   eno1 IPv6 PC3                                      Microsoft Windows Network local
+   eno1 IPv6 PC4                                      Microsoft Windows Network local

But on another machine in the same network, resolved is used but querying all machines for a given service is not working:

$ resolvectl --protocol=mdns service _smb._tcp.local
Resolve call failed: All attempts to contact name servers or networks failed

But a direct query involving the hostname is working:

$ resolvectl --protocol=mdns service PC1._smb._tcp.local
PC1._smb._tcp.local: PC1.local:445 [priority=0, weight=0]
                          fe80::e4c2:d456:7856:45f1%4       -- link: eth0

-- Information acquired via protocol mDNS/IPv6 in 139.7ms.
-- Data is authenticated: no

What do I miss here? Or is resolved not made for what I want?

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