I am using tcpdump to capture packets while being on omegle. However, I have been fairly unsuccessful to get strangers IP. All the IP I see are traced back to either 172...* which is for google 104.23.. for omegle and some servers. Now, commands I've used are tcpdump -nn src, which is my src address, Have also tried tcpdump -ttnnvvS for complete raw output. But in vain. Am I doing it wrong? I remember using wireshark and it was pretty easy with it, but don't happen to have wireshark at the moment. Also note that, I am not using the IP for any sort of illegal activity nor am I using it to pull a silly prank on anyone. Wanna help me out a bit here? Are there any other ways except wireshark to do that? Also, ethernet was my only interface hence no -i eth0.

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Wireshark captures packets from network interface the same way as tcpdump is, so you won't see different results. You might check this yourself: tcpdump [...] -w dump_file.pcap, transfer the resulting file to the other machine that has wireshark and load it there for review.

  • Hey I tried tcpdump -ttnnvvS -w omegle.pcap, and fired up wireshark on a different distro, and yeah, it showed the same output as tcpdump did. I wonder if it has something to do with me using my phone as a modem for internet. I'm on my pc and there's no wifi module in my pc, and I thought it'd be a good idea to use my phone's left over data to do that.
    – atheros
    Commented Jul 24, 2020 at 7:58

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