I am trying to divide two values in a loop using bc, and I have set that value as a variable. My problem is that I want that value to have 2 decimal places, but I am having trouble getting scale=2 to work while defined inside a variable.

Here is my test file:

cat file.txt
Sc0000000_hap1  0   1200    32939
Sc0000000_hap1  1199    2388    28521
Sc0000001_hap1  0   1200    540

Here is the loop I am running:

while read name start stop sum; do

   divisor=`expr ${stop} - ${start}`
   avg=`scale=2; expr $sum / $divisor | bc ` #I want 2 decimal points here
   echo ${name} ${start} ${stop} ${avg} >> ${outfile}

done < file.txt

Here is the output I am getting:

Sc0000000_hap1 0 1200 27
Sc0000000_hap1 1199 2388 23
Sc0000001_hap1 0 1200 0

Here is the output I want:

Sc0000000_hap1 0 1200 27.45
Sc0000000_hap1 1199 2388 23.99
Sc0000001_hap1 0 1200 0.43

I have tried a few variations on my syntax but I can't seem to get it to work. Can someone show me how to code this correctly? Thanks in advance.

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   avg=`scale=2; expr $sum / $divisor | bc `

You are

  • setting a shell variable scale to 2
  • calculating the integer division using expr and passing that value to bc (read man expr)
  • bc does not perform any calculations, it just outputs the number that was fed into it.

Let bc do the work:

avg=$(echo "scale=2; $sum / ($stop - $start)" | bc)

Now bc gets to do the whole calculation, and you set the bc scale variable.

Braces are not the same as double quotes. Use:

   echo "${name} ${start} ${stop} ${avg}" >> ${outfile}

Use $(...) instead of `...`

  • Yes this works perfectly. Thank you for your clarification on this!
    – mdem7705
    Jul 21, 2020 at 1:15

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