is there any command for checking AirPods battery status on Linux.
I am developer of i3blocks-airpods
Just want to know if there is a way to check battery status?

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You can use this code from github https://github.com/delphiki/AirStatus .

git clone [email protected]:delphiki/AirStatus.git
cd AirStatus
pip3 install bleak
python3 main.py

You will see the following when using this:

{"status": 1, "charge": {"left": 90, "right": 90, "case": -1}, "charging": "N/A", "model": "AirPods", "date": "2021-09-21 12:30:30", "raw": "0719010f202b998f000005521019d293ae902e66fbc70XXXXXXXX"}

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