I'm building an application which communicates with a node called SGSN, using GTPv1 tunneling.


     SGSN -----(GTPv1)-----> (my_App)


Everything is going well at GTP-C side (Control Plane).

SGSN and my_App are sharing all the needed informations successfully:

  • GSN Address/Port for Control Plane
  • GSN Address/Port for User Plane
  • TEID(peer/local) for CONTROL_PLANE
  • TEID(peer/local) for DATA I
  • etc...

But at User Plane, when the SGSN actually attempts to set up the related GTP tunnel with me, I have no idea on how to accept this GTP tunnel.

I got started with Linux GTP.ko but cannot find relevant technical documentations.

IP_GRE module is quite well documented and working very well, but of no help for my small project.

Can anyone give some clues or tips please, or some steps, about GTP tunnel?

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

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Since my goal is to establish and manage a GTP tunnel from user space:

  • I suggested GTP.ko
  • but I recently found Vector Packet Processing as well, which seems a nice way to go

VPP is a powerful platform with several amazing features, and it can be driven through low level interface (suitable for C language) .

Best Regards,

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