Trying to replace

window.location = '/loft-run'+ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash;


window.location = ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash;

in a file. what I have tried

sed -i 's~/loft-run'+ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash"~ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash"' warmblanket.js

Have tried some sed commands but not much of help. Your suggestions would be of great help.

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    The code you posted cannot be executed. Both the first and the second version. The reason is easy: There are three unmasked ' in the sed command line (most of which is not quoted at all so the whole line is really broken). Jul 16, 2020 at 23:51

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Like this:

sed -i "s@'/loft-run'\+@@" warmblanket.js
  • the basic form for substitution is s/before/after/
  • use double quotes if you want to treat single quotes
  • chosen the @ delimiter here instead of basic /, you can pick up most of the ASCII table

sed doesn't know about literal strings, just regexps and backreference-enabled text. To do anything with literal strings just use a tool that understands them such as awk:

$ cat file
window.location = '/loft-run'+ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash;

$ awk \
    -v old="window.location = '/loft-run'+ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + \".html#\" + newhash;" \
    -v new='window.location = ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash;' \
    's=index($0,old) { $0=substr($0,1,s-1) new substr($0,s+length(old)) } 1' file
window.location = ResourceManager.hotlegs + mainPage + ".html#" + newhash;

Note the use of " instead of ' around the old=... string because that string includes 's and shell doesn't allow 's inside a '-delimited string.

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