I am running i3wm on Ubuntu 20.04. When playing games on Steam, I'm trying to utilize both of my monitors. I use Proton which, in turn, uses WINE to run Windows games. Some games scale appropriately when entering fullscreen global mode in i3 but confine my mouse to the monitor in which the app originally launched.

I have tried using wine-cfg to disable capturing the mouse in fullscreen mode or emulate a virtual desktop of the appropriate size, but have had no success.

I'm beginning to think this is an i3wm issue rather than a WINE issue. Any help is appreciated.

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SwayWM user here. There's indeed an issue with virtual-desktop'ed window handling in tiling WM's. My guess — perhaps Proton runs every game in this mode and WM can't border it to switch cursor between monitors. Had no experience running Proton, but running an app piped through explorer executable (with width bar offset) may do the trick:

wine explorer.exe /desktop=winecfg,1336x768 '~/app.exe'
  • I'm sad to report this did not work :( I believe it's an i3wm problem
    – Gerald
    Jul 23, 2020 at 21:07

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