I'm using kali linux with Xfce4 Desktop Environment and lightdm display manager then I decided to switch to gnome with gdm3 display manager.. Then I didn't like it, so I decided to delete gnome and go back to xfce4 with lightdm again. From here, I started to face many problems like (no gui boot, etc..) And I was able to solve most of these problems except one..

This problem is : Now when i click on Suspend it gives me black screen for a few seconds and then redirects me to the login screen but it's not really suspend (it's still awake on login screen). Previously it was when I click on it my laptop completely sleep and I was need to press the power button to open it again (that's what i want) if anyone can help me please do it ..Cause I searched a lot and can't found any solution ..

Sorry for my bad English, because it is not my first language..and I hope that you answer me with an simple English so i can understand this ♥

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