I have to run a bash script GoogleDrive.sh that changes the environment variables of ~/.profile file. In terminal emulator source GoogleDrive.sh works fine, but when I put this command in desktop shortcut it says source is not a command and it is not recognized. How can I run GoogleDrive.sh file with the source command without opening new terminal session? The file GoogleDrive.sh looks like this:


if [ $GOOGLE_DRIVE_ON -eq 0 ]; then
  google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/GoogleDrive
  export GOOGLE_DRIVE_ON=1
  dolphin ~/GoogleDrive
  fusermount -u ~/GoogleDrive
  export GOOGLE_DRIVE_ON=0

The global variable in my .profile file is GOOGLE_DRIVE_ON.

The source command runs fine from the terminal emulator, but from a desktop shortcut it is not recognizable.

I use Kali linux.

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    I don't understand. Why don't you just have these in your ~/.profile so they're read when you log in? Or are you saying they are in your ~/.profile but they are not used by your graphical shell? What operating system are you using? If Linux with a GUI, which Linux, which desktop manager and which login manager are you using? Also what is a "shortcut"? Do you mean a .desktop file? – terdon Jul 15 '20 at 11:57

source isn't a file on UNIX machine. source is a built-in shell command. such as export or shopt.
In deept, in programming world,exec function run a file in your disk. it can't run a built-in shell command.

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